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Bloom Sound helps you heal and transform wounded parts within yourself. Reconnect and activate your inner most authentic truth. Marina currently writes music for the dynamic movement practice 5Rhythm Dance. Bloom Sound is available on all streaming platforms.

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Being Still and doing Nothing are totally different. Stillness moves, both within and all around us. Dissolving into a meditation where all parts of you feel accepted and loved.

out now


Lyrical is the phase after chaos. This is where you begin to feel strong and secure within your own skin.

This is the dance of your soul.

out now


Chaos helps as break out and break through! It takes us on the journey from "I can`t" to "I will". We practice the art of freeing our body completely. 

out now


The anger of the past. The anger of childhood.

The anger of old pain. Stomp it all out.

Sharp. Aggressiv. Staccato.

The 2nd wave of a 5Rhythms Dance Session.